University of Athens

Faculty of Pharmacy

 Oleocanthal International Society

Dear friends

Welcome to the Third Conference of the International Oleocanthal Society 2 and 3 June 2016 in Ancient Olympia.

The object of the conference regards the health protecting properties of olive oil and especially the beneficial effects of important active ingredients such as oleocanthal in the consul and other related phenolic substances.

The conference aims to bring together the scientists and the producers who are interested on high-phenolics olive oil. We will be totally satisfied if the producers understand the value of their products and the scientists hear the problems of the producers.

Moreover, for the first time worldwide, as part of the conference we will announce the Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards to distinguish the oils with the highest content of health-protecting phenolics. We hope that this new type of competition will be established as the  “Olympics” of the olive oil world and Olympia will become the place that will reveal the top olive oils worldwide.

We thank the Regional government of Western Greece, the International Olympic Academy, the city of aNCIENT Olympia, the chamber of Ilia and all the sponsors who supported our effort.

On behalf of the Organizing Comitee

Prokopis Magiatis & Eleni Melliou

Welcome to the OIS Meeting, Conferences and Awards in the ancient city of Olympia. It is a pleasure to come back to Greece where our Society was born in 2015. We are here combining health and gastronomic concepts with Oleocanthal and other related phenols found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet. It is a winning combination for the prevention of many acute and chronic illnesses. Practical and clinical research will showcase the potentiality of this functional food during this event with the support of Greek authorities and EVOO Producers present. The AWARDS will be the reward to a job well done from the point of view of health, production and research. These are our OLEOCANTHAL INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY aims: Health-Olive-Food.


I hope you will enjoy the time with us at the cradle of the western civilization.

Dr José A. Amérigo







Special thank you to Captain Vassilis Foundation for their generosity in promoting the best Greece has to offer.